QPR is the nation’s leader in asphalt repair materials. With our breakthrough asphalt repair material, QPR Permanent & Easy Pothole Repair has become the standard for cold patch companies across the US and is quickly becoming the world’s number one choice. Thanks to our top-notch product, QPR stands behind our revolutionary permanent repair to give you piece of mind that your repair will be PERMANENT.
As customers from both the private and public sector look to improve results while at the same time lowering costs, QPR has become the material of choice for surface repair professionals across the country. QPR is an approved material in all 50 states and throughout Canada. From pothole repair to Utility Cuts, our product is used by state, provincial, and federal governments, as well as the nations leading utilities for the over 20 million utility cuts that are patched each year.
A quality product, with a sales, support, and customer service staff that is second to none, have provided QPR, and our customers, with unparalleled growth over the past several years. A testament to our product and its customers (like you), our growth throughout the industry has answered the fundamental question of road and surface repair, with a very simple answer.
That answer is QPR!