Environmental Sustainability

QPR, the world’s #1 pavement repair material manufacturer, has made a genuine commitment, both to our customers, and to our environment. That promise is based upon the following mission statement:
“QPR is committed to continually improving our environmental performance. We aim to use energy and natural resources more efficiently, minimize the production of waste, air emissions, water consumption, and wastewater discharges, while seeking ways to preserve heritage, landscape, and biological diversity”.
In connection with this commitment, QPR now utilizes a formulation which provides the same level of permanence and performance our customers have relied on for over a decade, while at the same time protecting ground water supplies, aquifers, and storm water runoff. To that end, QPR has been tested and analyzed by one of North America’s leading independent testing organizations.

Findings of the research group include:

  • “Upon review of the analytical results and comparison with the standards of the MOE, the material is classified as a nonhazardous material. Toxicity testing of surface water runoff through the QPR product indicates that the sampled material is biologically nontoxic”.
  • “Review of the analytical results indicates that there are no exceedances of the Leachate Toxic Criteria found in Schedule 4 of the Ontario Regulation 558/00. Furthermore, results of analysis for the toxicity indicate a 0% mortality rate of Daphnia magna at 100% effluent concentration”.