Using QPR Is As Easy As…

1. Clean

Clean area to be repaired of any loose material, or debris. Water? No problem with QPR. Simply pour the material directly from the bag, into the hole. There is no need to even sweep the water from your patch, provided it is clear of debris.

2. Pour

Pour directly from the bag, into the hole. Add material up to a depth of approximately 2 inches.

3. Spread

When you have a 2-inch base, use a tamp or shovel back to spread the material over an even and solid surface. Reapply in two-inch increments, until repair area is filled

4. Compact

When hole is filled, apply a small crown to repair area to allow for additional compaction. Now tamp, wheel roll, or drive over for the final time, and you may now open to traffic – immediately!! It’s that simple.

Quick Tip – Need faster set up times? Add 1/8-1/4 inches of sand over the QPR prior to compaction.

QPR Installation Instructions Video Purchase at Lowe's Home Improvement