Stockpiling QPR High Performance Pavement Repair

Bulk Inventory

It is recommended that a minimum stockpile inventory of 20 – 30 metric tonnes (22 – 33 tons) be maintained in order to properly” work” the pile before dispatching it to the repair site.

 QPR High Performance Pavement Repair may be stored, uncovered, for up to one (1) year. The stockpile should be contained on a smooth hard surface with the face of the pile facing south to absorb solar radiation, particularly in harsher winter climate regions. The storage surface should be sloped down and away from the stockpile to allow melting snow and rain to run off and away.

An accumulation of moisture within the stockpile may become frozen in severe cold climates and adversely affect the workability of the product. 

Workability of the stockpile, in winter climates, will be enhanced if the QPR High Performance Pavement Repair required for a particular application is brought indoors and to a temperature above 10 C. (50 F). Storing the material overnight in a slightly raised bed of a dump truck will allow ice crystals to thaw and excess water or moisture to run off.

 Stockpiled material should be “worked’ several times using the bucket of a front-end loader prior to delivery to the repair site.

Bag Inventory

QPR High Performance Pavement Repair in bags may be stored outdoors for as long as twelve (12) months. For best results during cold temperatures, it is advisable to move the next days working stock, inside, where the temperature is above 50° F. While this is not necessary, it does help to improve the workability of the material in frigid temperatures.

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