North America´s leading provider of Engineered Solutions for Infrastructure

QPR has a 30 year history of providing quality products and repair materials throughout North America.

Our Pavement Repair product is used year round by the nation´s largest utilities and public works departments, as well as state and provincial highway departments. Relied upon by professionals and homeowners who demand the best, QPR permanent pavement repair material is available in bulk or bags in more than 2000 locations.

Our easy to use bags are available at every Lowe’s stores throughout North America, and in bulk truckload quantities from hundreds of Quality and Service driven distributors in convenient locations from coast to coast.

QPR High Performance Permanent Pavement Repair is the ideal solution for potholes, utility cuts and other repair applications. The product is easy to use, with a Performance Guarantee as a permanent repair. The product works in all conditions – including cold and wet applications. There is no tacking or mixing required. Simply apply, compact, then open to traffic immediately.

QPR Pavement Repair is the Number One selling pavement repair material in the world. Why? The product is environmentally sustainable, guaranteed permanent, and backed by the best Customer Service in the Industry.

QPR. Simple, Trusted, Proven, Guaranteed!

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What Customers Are Saying

I appreciate everything you have done and you did this all for free. I try and tell EVERYONE how awesome QPR is.
Maureen, Maryville, TN
I’ve never met her, but I have been calling Carol for over ten years. You can hear her smile thru the phone.
Wilt B., Charlottesville, VA
The material always delivers, no doubt about it.
Connie T., Chicago, IL
Matt asked us to try it, and said we would never go back to traditional cold mix. He was right!
Steve T., Red Bank, NJ
With no hot plant on our Island, we use QPR for repair of both concrete and asphalt surfaces.
Vola T., St Barts, FWI
They bring it when they say they will, and the make it to our spec. We like the biscuits, but the material is top notch too.
Mack C., Memphis, TN
It meets every environmental regulation that is thrown at us. We take real comfort in that, and would not use anything else.
Sierra F., Carlsbad, CA
I’ve known these guys for 30 years. The faces stay the same, and the material is always of the highest quality. I’m not sure what else you could ask.
Jake E., Salt Lake City, UT
Their product is of the absolute highest quality.
Walter W., Albuquerque, NM
QPR is the only product that consistently stays in place in our hot, thunderstorm raked summers.
Dale P., Fort Lauderdale, FL
I had a misplaced keystroke, and Tat called me as soon as she realized MY error, even though it was to their advantage. I’ve never forgotten that.
Jessie D., Whittier, CA
Great stuff!
Depal H., Minnetoka, MN
The crew called and said the stuff was hard and wouldn’t work. We brought it back, and we’d had it stuck away in the back for probably 5 years. Called QPR before I realized the age, and our error. Bret STILL replaced it. That is the reason the QPR guys are #1
Adam B., Charleston, SC
I called Lowe’s and asked them a question on my driveway repair. Within 15 minutes, Kevin, the QPR guy called. He even offered to come to help with the repair. That wasn’t necessary, but I was impressed with both Lowe’s and their QPR company.
Velda H., Rochester, NY

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